Credit Card Processing

No matter where you need to process credit card transactions and payments, either at your location of business, an online payment gateway or mobile, Merchant Solutions can help guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate product for your business. We offer a wide variety of merchant services that can align with your company’s specifications and provide you with the latest POS system also known as Point Of Sale and related payment technology.

As a revolutionary payment processing service powerhouse, Merchant Solutions can suggest a convenient, safe, and easy payment processing system for your business. In addition to helping you select a system tailored for your business’s needs, wants, and requirements, our company ensures a flawless experience for your company during the start up process.

Working Capitol

You don’t have to experience an unexpected emergency or natural disaster to know how it can impact your business. Even with the numerous relief efforts from the governmental agencies and insurance payouts, it’s quite difficult to survive as a company in today’s economy, not to even mention recovering from unforeseeable events.

Merchant Solutions is a reputable business, we know that businesses require a working capital to meet their goals. Whether your company is recovering from an unanticipated event or is simply struggling to be competitive in a competitive market, Merchant Services can provide you with various business loans, attractive cash-advances and merchant funding to transform your business.