Replacing archaic mag-strip enabled credit cards of old with Chip-Enabled Cards is the easiest way to ensure financial security. The tiny piece of metal soldered and formed into the body of credit cards adds a level of security that is not hinted at at all by it’s minuscule size. The chip fixed to Chip-Enabled Cards creates a new transaction code with every purchase made. Previously, cards that only utilized mag-strips would use the same transaction code for each transaction. Each, and every, transaction. This meant that thieves would have a field day had they gotten a hold of anyone’s mag-enabled credit or debit cards.

While the act of paying for goods or service with Chip-Enabled Cards is a bit different, in that you insert your card rather than swipe, nothing else from the process of paying for your goods has changed. Europe recognized the convenience and security that these ChipEnabled Cards decades ago, whereas the US’s obsession with these secure pieces of plastic is a newfound one.

With so much in the way of convenience and security and not much way of negativity, ChipEnabled Cards should be the go-to form of payment for every kind of consumer.