The current electronic payment revolution taking all over the world has made it increasingly important for business owners both green and well-established to consider utilizing Merchant Services. These ever-important business-utilized services are what allow said businesses to accept debit and credit cards from a public that has shown their increased reliance on plastic. The number of shoppers that are forgoing the cash withdrawals in favor of the more convenient and now more secure credit card method is driving both the need and the importance of Merchant Services. In the United States in 2013 alone , 1-in-3 Americans utilized at least one credit card as their main form of payment, with over 15% of the buying public utilizing more than one credit card as their main forms of payment. The now majority of the buying public requires the utilization of Merchant Services in every establishment they choose to shop at, whether physical or virtual. And with the ease of which these Merchant Services can be included in a business, owners are relishing in the added marketshare these Merchant Services are able to provide. Merchant Services can be up an running in any business in as little as one afternoon, further adding to the already long list of benefits.