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Payware Mobile E210

Retailers searching for a way to upgrade and improve their current Point of Sale (POS) systems are no longer required to make huge investments in all new hardware equipment. Nationwide Merchant Solutions is proud to present a unique and powerful alternative in the form of the Payware Mobile E210.

Payware Mobile E230

The dynamic and rewarding interaction between customer and retailer is what drives business in both online and offline storefronts. Shopping online is however, often preferred to brick and mortar storefronts due to the convenience and speed of the transactions.

iDynamo Credit Card Reader

Retailers who utilize Apple products as an integral component of their operations are able to leverage the processing power of iOS devices in conducting mobile transactions via the iDynamo SCCR.

Commerce Mobilpay

Commerce Mobilpay, an integral part of the highly rated services offered by Nationwide Merchant Solutions, provides clients with a distinct approach to mobile payments.

Virtual Merchant Mobile

Online retailers in every niche and of all sizes require a comprehensive payment platform that can be adapted to specific requirements with ease. Nationwide Merchant Solutions understands this fact and we are collaborating with numerous professional providers to bring our customers only the best and safest options.

First Data Mobile Pay

On-the-go businesses cannot afford not to provide their customers with a simple, efficient and secure form payment solution today. Cash only payments are rapidly losing ground in an industry oriented towards online and credit card transactions, due to the convenience and security of the latter, not to mention the incentives offered by major issuers.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables iOS device users to easily conduct mobile transactions make credit and debit card payments without taking out their wallet ever again. The application is able to eliminate the need to flash the card out or swipe the physical version of the credit cards through magnetic stripe readers.