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Clover Station

We notice that more and more small businesses are opting for the pay-per-swipe style credit card processing accounts. If you’re thinking of upgrading from the traditional merchant’s account systems and you prefer an easy to set up solution, then we recommend the innovative Clover Station.

Petroleum System

We fully acknowledge that today’s convenience stores and gas stations are facing a new and unique set of challenges. With more items and additional programs to account for, utilizing a reliable Point of Sale (POS) system to bring it all together will certainly help you run your business smoothly and more efficiently.


As a successful business in the hospitality sector, we know that time is a limited commodity for the modern restaurant or bar owner nowadays. Today, you want the best intuitive Point of Sale (POS) solution to replace your traditional cash registers to achieve quick service and fast casual operations.


At Nationwide Merchants Solutions, we value products that are versatile and easy to use. Talech is by far one of the simplest Point of Sale (POS) systems you can switch to in order to improve the efficiency of your operations and the overall productivity of your retail or restaurant business.