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Working Capitol

You don’t have to experience an unexpected emergency or natural disaster to know how it can impact your business. Even with the numerous relief efforts from the governmental agencies and insurance payouts, it’s quite difficult to survive as a company in today’s economy, not to even mention recovering from unforeseeable events.

Merchant Solutions is a reputable business, we know that businesses require a working capital to meet their goals. Whether your company is recovering from an unanticipated event or is simply struggling to be competitive in a competitive market, Merchant Services can provide you with various business loans, attractive cash-advances and merchant funding to transform your business.

Working Capital = Current Assets − Current Liabilities

A company can be rich with assets and profitability but short of liquidity if its assets cannot readily be converted into cash. This is a common problem many small to medium size businesses face everyday. There are quite a few things a company can do to combat their lack of working capital, for example, they can borrow against their accounts receivable, take a hard money or bridge loan, they can even borrow against heavy equipment if they want. There are programs for almost every situation and every business credit type, even businesses with bad credit.

Positive working capital is required to ensure that a company is able to continue it’s operations. Without sufficient funds, a business will not be able to satisfy both it’s short-term debt and projected operational expenses. When a company cannot satisfy either of those debts, they inevitably can no longer operate or they must secure a loan. Management of working capital involves many facets of your business, everything from managing inventories, staying on top of your accounts receivable and payable and cash.